Monthly Archives: November 2013

Color My Christmas!

Let the holidays be bright! This year’s selection is available at the Earlville Opera House or in the Spongetta shop on Etsy.  Some highlights of the wild ones!

Green velvet with a cream stripe cuff and plum lining.

The softest chenille plaid with a black fuzzy cuff and lime green taffeta lining.

a riot of a flower garden in bold neons with a black fuzzy cuff and hot pink silk lining.


Cool colorblock with a green velvet cuff and magenta lining.

Argyle sherbet.  What is better than that!


Stockings, stockings, stockings!

This year we are taking the stocking business seriously.  With my mother’s encouragement and Sara’s sewing skills our goal is offer over 160 heirloom stockings.  The mix is wonderful as far as elegant, modern, rustic and whimsical combinations.  Lots of gift options for the newlywed and for a baby’s first Christmas, especially to celebrate a not so traditional holiday season!

Handmade Large Modern Christmas Stocking - Blue Velvet - Heirloom Holiday Decor
Handmade Large Christmas Stocking - Magenta Leaves - Heirloom Stocking for Woman
Handmade Large Gold Jacobean Christmas Stocking - Modern Rustic Heirloom Holiday Decor

The perfect pair of Christmas stockings for the new couple.  One is silk, the other velvet! Destined to be heirlooms. Use coupon code PERFECTPAIR to save $6.00 on a pair!