Monthly Archives: November 2014

First Christmas?

She needs a stocking to grow into that showcases her unique personality.  So how to celebrate the first Christmas and many more to follow? Three stockings to fit the mood!

Here is one for the funky girl!

Magenta and Teal Modern Christmas Stocking by Spongetta

For the cuddly girl!

Gold and Cream Stripe Christmas Stocking by Spongetta

And when she is feeling sassy!

Red and Black Taffeta Dot Christmas Stocking by Spongetta





Tis the Season

Stocking season is in full swing!  We have been cutting and designing since August with over 50 ready for new homes.  The hunt for interesting fabrics has taken us to estate sales, a theater costume shop, a few furniture stores and several attics.  The Spongetta colors of the season seem to be fuchsia, turquoise and silver.  It has been fun.

Here is a beautiful set in brown and gray that is charming me this week.

Building a Christmas Stocking Family

Festive does not have to be boring!  Here are some great ideas for children of all ages!

Festive Children Stockings in Bright Colors

We wanted some more elegant options this year. Velvet and upholstery always works!

The Toes Win

More are coming every day through Thanksgiving!