How to Thread My Machine

I continue to work off the assumption that no one reads this but it is a great place to keep a log of important information.  Boring, but important none the less.

We had a systemic sewing machine meltdown this fall. For a studio with over a dozen machines of various ages, not a single one was working properly. Ralph swooped in and fixed them all.  Within a week. Singer S Sewing Machine at Spongetta

I was considering a used industrial machine, but now have my Singer S back and running like the day it was made. It races around a stocking in as quickly as I can maneuver the fabric. My first love is back!

Singer S Sewing Machine at Spongetta


The needle is inserted with the flat side on the left and is threaded right to left.

Singer S Sewing Machine at Spongetta

I always get the bobbin upside down.  Rule #7 Always run a test strip when changing anything on the machine.

She sails right through everything, even six layers of upholstery.