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Vintage Cotton Canvas Laundry Bag – Rite-Way Laundry Co. Inc – Brooklyn pre-1950s

A great find that could have been a fun project, but has remained intact.  I guess we are back to the cut it or sell it question.  This time sell.  But it is a really cool item that could be used in a very cool way.   Already had some calls from set designers looking for the perfect laundry bag for a shoot.

Sara is cleaning out her extensive collection of fabric and found this amazing cotton canvas laundry bag in very good vintage condition with no wear but a few stains. The Brooklyn based cleaner’s canvas laundry bag is dated based on the New York City exchange phone number. Natural canvas printed in black on both sides. Overall dimensions are 25 1/2″ x 38″ (64 x 97 cm). The printed area is 16″ x 15″. The bag is sewn from two rectangular pieces of canvas with a selvedge at the opening.