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Studio Shaming – December 20th

There were some images of perfect studio spaces floating around on Pinterest yesterday.  Neat open shelves and large empty tables photographed in soft natural light all made me think that not a thing was actually made there.  So here I give you my work space five days before Christmas.  I would call this a successful season!

Spongetta Studio December Christmas Rush

Part of the process of creating is to have the fabric visible and accessible. For that we set up tables and lay everything out.

Spongetta Studio December Christmas Rush

My mom discovered that mushroom boxes are the same size and shape as the stockings and perfect for containing and transport.

Spongetta Studio December Christmas Rush

The cutting table is amazingly uncluttered for this time of year. One great addition has been the Pampered Chef spinning caddy my mother found at a garage sale for a dollar. I still bury the scissors under piles of fabric, but it helps.

Spongetta Studio December Christmas Rush

Not looking forward to untangling the rolls of loop cord. We really need a better system.

Spongetta Studio December Christmas Rush

Lot of colorful scraps to kick start the vegetable season!

Spongetta Studio December Christmas Rush

Actually looking forward to reorganizing the cuffs.  We have many more to cut for next season.

Next week, time to clean and make it pristine again!

Make it an Heirloom

I love feedback.  My favorites are always the private messages that let me know the stockings are part of a family tradition.  With that in mind, we offer the following suggests to keep your stockings looking like new.

  • Lightly stuff the stockings with clean plastic bags to give a full shape when hung as a decoration before Christmas.
  • On Christmas Eve, place the stocking on a chair for Santa to fill. Only lightweight items should be put in the stocking while hanging.
  • Store stocking wrapped in tissue away from moisture and moths.
  • Spot clean as necessary.
  • Enjoy a very merry Christmas!


Handmade Large Christmas Stocking - Falling Arches - Heirloom Holiday Decor for Men Ready to Ship

Thank you for including Spongetta in your holiday traditions!