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As the Garden Grows – Phase 1

Finally a day that felt like spring. Got me out into the garden a bit to mark some of the bulbs that are coming up in the dog corral to be moved to safer parts of the yard. Some of the efforts from last year, moving, killing and ignoring several of the bushes, is finally paying off. The dogs take up much of the prime planting real estate, but have carved out some beds for perennials, herbs and veggies. Still going to be dependent on pots for tomatoes and peppers along with the some of the annual herbs like basil and cilantro. Here are some before shots of what we have to work with along with some of my large dreams for the various zones.

When we started, the house was surrounded by overgrown bushes and a silly tulip tree in the front yard.  Rob’s one requirement was that we could see Route 20 from the porch.  Once he started the chainsaw, he kind of didn’t stop.
Since the dogs took over the logical place for an herb garden, I had to rethink  and reclaim this area right off the kitchen.  The bushes have been cut back.  Still digging up the “decorative” grass and trying to tell the Japanese iris that they don’t need as much space.Here is the last spot to be made over this year and probably the hardest to tame. It needs to serve many purposes.   So far, I have added a compost pile, dug out overgrown flagstones and planted five varieties of hosta.  The lilacs are a nice backdrop, but need to be cut back.  The neighbors plan to build a fence, so that will allow me to gain some space and rethink what we can do here.

The month of exploring my inspirations continues.  I spent last summer working on a friend’s vegetable farm.  One of my goals was to take lots of pictures and create a fan page on Facebook.  Midsummer I took this pre-cook shot of dinner and began to fantasize about making stuffed peppers.

Here are a few of my creations starting with the blue hubbard squash.

Blue Hubbard Squash Patchwork Pillow for Garden Harvest Kitchen Decor - Eco Friendly Upcycled Soft Sculpture


Visit the garden!


More to come soon…

To cut or not to cut?

Always on the lookout for interesting textiles, I scrounge yard sales, auctions and thrift stores for great finds.  When an item is damaged in some way, it is an easy decision to recreate it into something else.  But when it is pristine and still has a life as originally intended, that is when the moral dilemma begins.

Here are some examples of when it went well.  First, a fun wrap skirt with stretched out elastic.  Would have been a simple enough fix, but this is better.

Mod Purse
Once a raincoat with decidedly 80s styling.  Again, this is better.
Rainy Day Purse
This one was hard.  A gorgeous round tablecloth in perfect condition.  But I could never have found fabric like this elsewhere.
The Victorian Parlor Purse
The one I could not cut.  Found this at the local auction.  Originally bought it for a one of a kind purse.  I have always been a sucker for velvet and this is an amazing collection of luscious soft warmth.  I feel like I should be arrested if I cut it up!
So, here we are at the question of the day.  Do I or don’t I?  Not sure where this vintage bedspread came from or what the intention is for my having it.  But it melds perfectly with this set of vintage handles.  Well, maybe not the yellow ones.  These have been floating around for years and never quite found the right fabric.  It is amazing that this woven works so well for all of them!
Photo: Always struggle if I should cut up a vintage item that is in good condition, but this time it is easy.  The bedspread is the perfect fabric for these amazing vintage handles.  Love how it picks up every color!