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Peas and More Peas

Rob is more of a fussier eater than he usually admits.  Although I can usually sneak some vegetables in, there are few he really likes.  Peas is one that makes the cut, but only peas still in the pod.  So this year we doubled our production and have frozen 18 pounds, or just under a bushel, of sugar snap and snow peas.  This does not count the two pounds in my favorite bowl that slipped out of my hand and flew across the floor.

The steps are easy.  Pick, sort, trim, blanch (don’t forget the ice bath!), dry and bag. We use them primarily in stir fry or to blister in sesame oil and ginger.  This is a big part of making summer flavors last through March.

The Summer Role Obsession

When Em visited last, she wanted to make sushi.  At the look of panic on my face, my husband helpfully suggested summer roles instead.  Now we are obsessed with rolling everything into rice wraps.  Kind of like putting out the pretty pitcher of water with lemon or cucumber slices in it to trick us into drinking more water, the rolls help me gobble down salad.

There are so many options out there.  This recipe was my guide.  Today’s special is lettuce, cucumber, radish and carrot with a sesame ginger dipping sauce.  How simple is that!